Tape music using found sonics, melodic noise and spoken word.


Analepsis (Hell is Now Love/Bomb Shop, Nov 2012)

OUT NOW. Limited Edition Cassette (split) with liner, artwork, HQ dub on UK's Bomb Shop. Also available UK, US, Europe via various mailorder, plus Boomkat, Juno, 7digital, and Amazon. 

SOLD OUT. 10" acetate split vinyl via Hell Is Now Love (NZ). Limited run of 20, cut by the legendary Peter King

"Gresson's side captures the feel of a cold winter in a bustling city, recorded on a bedroom floor late one evening it ebbs and flows but never quite strays from the cover of night. If you listen close enough you can hear the sound of an ambulance rushing by, there for a moment and then forgotten to the city.

Thomas's side is no less evocative - a live collage of old tapes and spoken word recordings mixed in realtime alongside an unintrusive synth part." Bomb Shop

Alamut (Corvo Records, November 2011)

"In my ears Alamut is undoubtful the LP side of the year 2011!" Kultur[Terrorismus] (D)

"A piece of jewelry, a collector's item, with artwork by Armin Kehrer which has the effect of splinters hitting your eyeball!" Bad Alchemy (D)

"Continuing the utilisation of recycled sound, Preslav Literary School fades out its opening German monologue to unveil a starry, shimmering reconstruction of a J.S Bach fuge. Chords overlap each other so that a dissonance lingers between them, with haunting organ tones vaguely tracing a melody while ultimately feeling lost in mystical freeform. The section during which a phased fifth-interval drone takes precedence is considerably less interesting than the flowing chord progressions before it, but the broken, stuttering loop that follows it is an instant redeemer. It crumbles and distorts as a weathered outline of its former self, stripped of timbre and emanating as indistinct drones; a bit like one of William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops." ATTN:Magazine

"'Alamut' was produced using tape recorders and electronics. Certainly his slow pace and long sustained tones do evoke a certain elegiac mood, and at times may put you in mind of the work of William Basinski. The musical interludes are punctuated with thoughtful stretches of near-silence, and it's a much more spacey and contemplative work compared with the textural busy-ness of the flip. Preslav Literary School may or may not be using samples from records of orchestral classical music, or playing sustained chords on a keyboard, but he often arrives at the same sort of stately profundity as Tangerine Dream." Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

"En B, c’est la Preslav Literary School qui compose à partir d’enregistrements sur bandes et d’electronics. Pendant qu’un drone d’orgue monte, des voix et des boucles se succèdent. Alamut, c’est un peu la rencontre de Neu! et d’Eliane Radigue qui donne envie d’aller écouter les autres sorties du groupe anglais. N’est-ce pas à ce genre de réaction qu’on reconnaît qu’un split est réussi?" Pierre Cécile, Le son du grisli.

La Réflexion Du Tir (Full of Nothing, October 2011)

"La Réflexion Du Tir" was recorded in Berlin, "with thanks to alabaster tenements, sonic phosphorescence, supreme courts, branch creation, Cap-Vert Peninsula, reticulating splines, magic martyrs."

Weed Temple: "The premise of Preslav Literary School’s music is precisely this: distorting the lines between the haunting and the beatific, confusing the listener about the nature of his music, the intentions behind the lengthy sounds contained within the cassette, the deconstruction of the line between the benevolent and the malevolent. Preslav Literary School makes music to get lost in, and he wants the listener to get lost in both universes at once; in an almost fetishistic way he wants the listener to be blissful about his sonic discomfort. Brilliant."

MuhMur: "It plays like an old wax cylinder of pumped organ music. Deep and beautiful stuff."

Sonuna (Razzle Dazzle, December 2010). 

Split 12" by Glue Pour/Preslav Literary School entitled 'Telepathy Shots/Sonuna'. Released on Monday 6th December on Razzle Dazzle.

Consisting primarily of decaying voice recordings descried from various operatics, looped cassette narratives and obscure outsider pop oddities, Sonuna was recorded in 2010 in Berlin and mastered by Michael Northam. An ode to the discussion of end times, all the sounds have had previous lives elsewhere. Recorded on tape. Cover writings by Adam Thomas. With thanks to Benjamin Laurent Aman. CC BY-NC-SA

Echolalia (October 2010)

NEU019: Preslav Literary School, Machinefabriek, Jazzfinger & more

"Beautifully packaged document of Preslav Literary School's tape loop workshop leading to an 11-member tape loop orchestra performance in Newcastle in December 2009. The recordings have been perfectly mixed and mastered by Berlin dubstep producer Lord Cry Cry, and recall at various points the works of Faust, Broadcast, Popol Vuh, Terry Riley and more. Newcastle-based designers Supanaught have created the package design that comes in a transparent printed vinyl sleeve with inner card sleeve and cog print on the centre label that all combines to look like an enlarged compact cassette. It also comes with a large-scale 4 page booklet with essays by revered looper Tom Recchion (Los Angeles Free Music Society) and Adam Thomas, plus great photography from Marion Auburtin. PLUS each copy comes with a download code for a solo Machinefabriek set tape loop set." (NO-FI)

Described as "a very exciting release for anyone with a penchant for tape aesthetics" (Geiger), "a fascinating body of work... intriguing, seductive and musical" (Ampersand Etcetera), as managing "to be intellectually and emotionally engaging in a way that no other record has for me this year" (Cows Are Just Food), a "f**king amazing tape loop record!" (Second Layer) and as "one of the craziest things I've heard in ages and yet completely compelling" (Norman Records). Anti-Gravity Bunny said "they take tape manipulation to places I never thought of, ambient doom, grooved psych, gauzy pink bliss, debased spaced journeys, all with the help of impeccably juxtaposed random shit. Echolalia is about as crazy erratic as a record can get while still being fucking fantastic, exceedingly listenable, and coherent."

In Fractals (August 2010)

For David Foster Wallace. Made on tape. CC BY-NC-SA Preslav Literary School 2010. free download here. Handmade CD-R package with artwork by Cara Bell-Jones also available. Includes individually numbered disc, Sierpinski triangle artwork and liner page unique to each edition (featuring actual excerpt from rare textbook & Preslav Literary School track notes).

"Classical minimal drone works." (Ampersand Etcetera)

"Shimmering micro-tones, gloopy drones, affecting loops, deftly time-shifted sonic debris, tape trickery & deviant inputs." (Top 50 records of the year. Lend Me Your Ears)

Buy limited edition CDr.

EC002: Preslav Literary School - Beautiful Was The Time (May 2009)

Layered composition from over 100 salvaged and reconstructed cassette tapes out on Paris-based label Elephant & Castles. Featuring moments of ecstatic, neo-classical harmony and disintegrating analogue phrases, this album retains both Preslav Literary School's trademark live aural energy and meticulous process-led compositional technique.

Limited edition handmade CD available now via Elephant & Castles. Includes original commissioned artwork by Cara Bell-Jones, full picture CD, and inner notes on the composition process. Free/donation digital download available.

"Beautiful was the Time bears repeated listening. There are numerous indescribable sounds that weave their way into Preslav Literary School's gorgeous recording, and as with any complex music, you discover something new with each listen." (Junkmedia, 5/5, Album Of The Week). 

"There is a definite “ghost” quality to this music, brought out by the use of found and manipulated tapes . “Beautiful was the Time” is an interesting listen and serves as a nice short introduction to the music of Preslav Literary School." foxy digitalis

"Three pieces of highly drone music from the lower end of hi-fi spectrum. Things rumble and rattle in a very low grade manner, like in the good ol’ days when people released cassettes and nothing else. Vital Weekly

"Not unlike William Basinski with his Disintegration Loops, a sense of wonder and amazement is conveyed through the sounds, and a sense of otherworldly significance is given to the simplest of actions. Thomas succeeds in making something fragile and exquisite out of tedium and monotony, and that is where the art of Beautiful Was The Time lies. This time truly is beautiful." 4/5: Sputnik Music

"A haunting, subtle piece of sound art that sounds like it could have been emitted from some archaic dream-capturing device." When We Were Younger And Better

"A piece wrought by a divining hand." 4/5: Pinpoint Music

"Preslav Literary School salvages tapes and reconstructs them. Pre-recorded sound is given life and vice-versa... optimistic, idealistic and dreamy, he desperately clings on to the new elements which arrive fully formed, escaped from his guidance, and persuades them to stay." By Chance Upon Waking


Film: Release The Bats (June 2010)

A short documentary by Marion Auburtin on Preslav Literary School was selected to be shown at Festival Filmer la Musique (France's main music film festival) which takes place from 8 - 13 June Paris. More details on the program at www.filmerlamusique.com. A DVD is forthcoming.

Consart/Vibrations: Various Artists - Galactic Hits (March 2010)

Produced by Maison d'Ailleurs especially for the Galactic Hits exhibition and in partnership with the magazine Vibrations. The CD includes exclusive new works by Matt Wand, Scanner, Piano Magic's Glen Johnson, Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman, Autistici, Carsten Stabenow and many others.

See the full track list or order it from Maison d'Ailleurs exclusively (for 8.- CHF or 6.- Euros, postage not included, came free with the March 2010 Vibrations magazine).

Staaltape: Various Artists - Berlin Tape Run (February 2010)

40 minutes, white cassette, chrome tape. Features Stephane Leonard, Balz Isler, The Shitty Listener, Marcel Turkowsky, and many more. Available via Staalplaat.

amp046: Preslav Literary School - Aura (October 2009)

Aura contains a piano piece originally written by ocdc, the words of Carlos Fuentes, odd environmental recordings, elements taken from decaying magnetic tape, and various other forgotten and untitled audio materials. Originally made for a dance performance of the same name by Katerina Valdivia Bruch in Smederevo, Serbia in 2009. Free download through Mexican netlabel AMP.

GFDM013: Preslav Literary School & Fake Mistress - Radioarchiv (August 2008)

Improvised radio duet performed at Funkwelle FM, Berlin. Free download via archive.org.

GFDM010: Preslav Literary School - pretext/context (March 2008)

Resonance FM London live session. Distribution in mainland Europe and mailorder purchase via Maquillage et Crustaces and in UK through alt.vinyl.

"At times disturbing, definitely inquisitive, this composition requires attention, rewards lurking behind the corner if one’s patient enough." Massimo Ricci, Paris Transatlantic/Touching Extremes

"This is a lovely, creaking, ruddy-complexioned brew of staggering dictaphone melancholy, the sound of a faraway alien orchestra slowly swallowed by warm, wet marsh-gas." alt.vinyl

GFDM003: Preslav Literary School - Live At Tripswitches (April 2007)

Live Newcastle-Upon-Tyne performance. Limited edition hand-made CD-R sold out.

GFDM002: Preslav Literary School - Autumn Bricolage (Nov 2006)

Soundscapist composition set in English parkland. Free/donation download available. Limited edition hand-made CD-R no longer available.

"Half way music, halfway aural investigation... the approach of Preslav Literary School results in rich textures and a specific sound that makes his tracks unique and memorable." Phlow Magazine

"...a fine balance between deconstructing itself and creating an audio-environmental soundscape that is fascinating and diverting."Ampersand Etcetera