Mycelium (self-release, November 2019)


Analepsis (Hell is Now Love, November 2012)

Alamut (Corvo Records, November 2011)

La Réflexion Du Tir (Full of Nothing, October 2011)

Sonuna (Razzle Dazzle, December 2010). 

Echolalia (NO-FI, October 2010)

In Fractals (self-release, August 2010)

Beautiful Was The Time (Elephant & Castles, May 2009)


Film: Release The Bats (June 2010)

A short documentary by Marion Auburtin on Preslav Literary School was selected to be shown at Festival Filmer la Musique (France's main music film festival) which takes place from 8 - 13 June Paris. More details on the program at A DVD is forthcoming.

Consart/Vibrations: Various Artists - Galactic Hits (March 2010)

Produced by Maison d'Ailleurs especially for the Galactic Hits exhibition and in partnership with the magazine Vibrations. The CD includes exclusive new works by Matt Wand, Scanner, Piano Magic's Glen Johnson, Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman, Autistici, Carsten Stabenow and many others.

See the full track list or order it from Maison d'Ailleurs exclusively (for 8.- CHF or 6.- Euros, postage not included, came free with the March 2010 Vibrations magazine).

Staaltape: Various Artists - Berlin Tape Run (February 2010)

40 minutes, white cassette, chrome tape. Features Stephane Leonard, Balz Isler, The Shitty Listener, Marcel Turkowsky, and many more. Available via Staalplaat.

amp046: Preslav Literary School - Aura (October 2009)

Aura contains a piano piece originally written by ocdc, the words of Carlos Fuentes, odd environmental recordings, elements taken from decaying magnetic tape, and various other forgotten and untitled audio materials. Originally made for a dance performance of the same name by Katerina Valdivia Bruch in Smederevo, Serbia in 2009. Free download through Mexican netlabel AMP.

GFDM013: Preslav Literary School & Fake Mistress - Radioarchiv (August 2008)

Improvised radio duet performed at Funkwelle FM, Berlin. Free download via

GFDM010: Preslav Literary School - pretext/context (March 2008)

GFDM003: Preslav Literary School - Live At Tripswitches (April 2007)

Live Newcastle-Upon-Tyne performance. Limited edition hand-made CD-R sold out.

GFDM002: Preslav Literary School - Autumn Bricolage (Nov 2006)