Veer & Full Of Nothing.

Super happy to announce that Preslav Literary School will release albums for two new labels in early 2011.

The first will be Veer for Interdisco in early January. They'll put out a digital-only version of a live set played in Switzerland in summer 2010. Tracklist:

1) This Good Lesson Keep (2:39)
2) Mirth In Funeral (4:46)
3) Most Miraculous Organ (7:27)
4) Dirge In Marriage (3:19)
5) Unto The Voice (8:15)
6) Exeunt (3:38)

The second will be my first cassette release, ironically enough. The lovely folks at Full Of Nothing, surely the best avant-garde label operating out of the Republic of Karelia in North-Western Russia, will manufacture a limited edition 50 tape run. The Finnish don't call that part of the world 'the Songlands' for nothing.