New release: La Réflexion Du Tir

Out now, a new Preslav Literary School tape inspired by Benjamin Laurent Aman's artwork and the amazing Zone by Mathias Énard. Available now (but selling fast) from Full of Nothing.
There's tension in the air and the birds are quiet. The day is dull, life is still. Haunting cassette hiss fills the room. Outside, the children are screaming in agony but muffled whispers are all that comes out. Was that your first lover's voice? Another flashback from unremembered youth? There's a fire crackling in the old castle and ghosts dance in the ballroom. And you pass by the church but there's no one there... Preslav Literary School is dedicated to tape collage and endless rearrangements of outsider noise and found sound. "La Réflexion Du Tir" was recorded by Adam Thomas in Berlin, "with thanks to alabaster tenements, sonic phosphorescence, supreme courts, branch creation, Cap-Vert Peninsula, reticulating splines, magic martyrs." Cassettes with full-colour J-cards and stickers. Edition of 75.