Live: Space Time Festival

Summer's elastic days are beginning to shorten. For one week only, you can slow time's inevitable decay with this free digital download of Analepsis.

"Enveloping tape collages in the fields of drone and neo-classical... Analepsis gradually builds a shimmering mass of harmonised bass swells and lush ambient signatures from fragments of field recordings and subtle synth infusions. Recommended if you like: Aki Onda, Philip Jeck, Machinefabriek." [Boomkat]

I'll be reconstructing the album from source material at two special shows next week. The first will be a special Berlin solo set to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the cassette tape. The next day I'll play at Space Time Festival in the UK (alongside Venetian Snares, Russell Haswell, Cut Hands, Vindicatrix, Blood Music, Nochexxx and more...). That'll be a special duo set with NZ guitar hero Will Gresson.